Pickles Are Gross

Pickles Are Gross Photoquilt

Pickles Are Gross Photoquilt

48″ x 72″

This quilt was inspired by my friend Marcie, who died of cancer in 2009. Her passing helped me realize the importance of living in the moment and not taking time for granted. Consequently, I shook myself out of a photoquilting hiatus and took the 36 pictures used in this quilt in a single evening. Because the subject (actually a cucumber, not a pickle) is rotated in intervals along two axes, it is difficult to determine just how many different pickles there are. By sewing the prints together in order, patterns are created over the quilt as the pickles fall in and out of alignment with each other. Although these photos are not in a quilt pattern — all 144 4″ x 6″ prints are sewn together without being cut — a very clear pattern emerges. I don’t actually know if Marcie hated pickles, but “Pickles are gross!” sounds like something she would have said with great enthusiasm.

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