Many photoquilts are created with an initial plan in mind. For example, I knew how many photos I would need and which way to cut the pieces before I began every photoquilt in the Ohio Stars series. To make the improvistional photoquilts below, I took the opposite approach; I began cutting pieces of photos and sewing them together which slowly revealed how they would come together in a final form. This approach requires decisions to be made almost constantly, which is an interesting challenge.

Click on the pictures and links below to see more about each photoquilt.

Kick at the Darkness (2019)


Eigengrau Fold #1 (2019)

Griege Study #1 (2019)
Eigengrau Study #1 (2019)

All That Glitters / Fool’s Gold (2019)

Gaugin’s Cabin (2019)

Only Ifs (2019)

90 Steps (2019)

Mostly Fives (2019)

Improv Photoquilt Study #1 (2019)

Columns (2019)

Rainbow #3 (2019)

I Don’t Remember Anymore (2019)

Rainbow #2 (2019)

Improv Weave #2 (2019)

Improv Weave #1 (2019)

Rainbow #1 (2018)

Driving to Where the Water Meets the Sky (2018)

Fade To Red (2018)

Red Turn (2018)

Persistence of Winter (2018)