Eigengrau Fold #1

18″ x 18″
photographs and thread

After completing Eigengrau Study #1, I wanted to continue working with these prints. Here, I have used many of the same prints as well as some darker blacks and a handful of gold sparkles. Some of the darkest pieces include dark rays of light — almost reverse shadows — and other faint shapes. Overall, the effect is similar to I Don’t Remember Anymore, which includes photos that are mostly, but not completely, flat areas of colors. This is a quality of photographic prints that I plan to continue to explore.


I should also note that my friend Matt taught me this fold pattern on a recent visit. He folded a piece of paper into a fan, turned it several degrees and folded it again, then spent a few minutes pushing and pulling it into this pattern. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. My photoquilts fold on their seams very easily, so this fold wasn’t too difficult. In person, the piece has an almost organic quality as it expands and contracts, which is hard to fully appreciate in photographs.


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