Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market

Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market photoquilt block

Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market photoquilt block

12″ x 12″

I created this photoquilt block for a show at Global Gallery, a coffee shop that also sells handcrafted fair trade items from around the world.  The theme of the show was the Clintonville Farmers Market, the hub of which is Global Gallery.  The market features an array of vendors that sell fresh produce, local meats and cheeses, coffee, honey, flowers, and more.  People from around the neighborhood, and throughout the city, make a pilgrimage every Saturday.  In addition to all of the great stuff for sale, I really enjoy the community spirit and civic pride on display.  One of my favorite features is the bike corral, which is operated by Baer Wheels, a local bike shop across the street from the market.  They will keep an eye on your bike while you shop the market so that you don’t have to worry about your bike riding off without you.  The original photo of the corral is below.


Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market - original image
Original image for Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market

Although there are lots of colorful sights at the market, this image is the one that stuck out for me.  First, the bike corral may not be the first feature you think about when you think about the Farmers Market, but it’s a useful service that helps people get to the market under their own power, which I think is fantastic.  Second, I really like the colors in the mural on the half wall.  It’s an interesting wedge of rainbow that breaks up the larger areas of brick and concrete.  Finally, I love the random lines and angles of the bike frames, wheels, and shadows.  When they are reflected in their mirror images, they kaleidoscope off in all kinds of interesting directions.  In the detail below, you can see how the bike parts and mortar lines between the bricks line up to create this effect.


Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market - detail
Detail of Ohio Star: Clintonville Farmers Market

This 12″ x 12″ block is available for purchase, framed or unframed.  Please contact me directly for pricing and other details.  See more 12″ blocks or 24″ blocks.


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