Griege Study #1

19″ x 19″
photographs and thread

This is the companion piece to Eigengrau Study #1. Instead of using photos of black walls, this one uses photos of white walls. Well, off-white. I never know what to call this color. Beige? Ecru? Taupe? Only after a friend suggested a portmanteau combining gray and biege did I find a name for this piece.

The different angles and reflections of the light bring out steely grays, rosy pinks, and bronzy browns that, sadly, are nowhere on the wall I photographed. The effect is a bit like a series of silver rivets or what you see when looking through a cheese grater.

Red Turn


20″ x 22″

This photoquilt is a further exploration of improvisational quilting.  Here, I’ve taken a series of red photographs all from the hoods, roofs, and trunks of hot rods at various car shows, and cut them into squares and rectangles and further into circles.

The metallic shine of the paint creates surprising depth and the circles seem to start to make a pattern within the squares without ever completely resolving themselves.  This represents a fairly radical departure from traditional quilt patterns, which I find to be very compelling.