Ohio Star: Thompson Library

Ohio Star: Thompson Library photoquilt

72″ x 48″

The Thompson Library is the geographic and academic heart of The Ohio State University. A recent renovation opened up several of the interior spaces bringing light to the stacks of books. One striking feature of the new feature is a glass staircase that allows students easy access to that large, wood-paneled study rooms on the second floor.  This staircase, and the glass-walled floors behind it, form the subject of this photoquilt.  The green glass, warm wood tones, and bright interior lights create a warm palette with contrasting lines from the stairs and railing.  This quilt was on display at the Homeport Gallery in October 2015.


Ohio Star: Thompson Library (detail)Detail: Front and back of the photoquilt.

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Ohio Star: Physics Research

Ohio Star: Physics Research photoquilt

60″ x 48″

This photoquilt is based on a picture of the stairwell inside the Physics Research building at Ohio State. The palette is restricted to browns, golds, pale blues, and whites. The photos are sewn into a traditional Ohio star quilt pattern creating the overall effect of an Escher-inspired series of neverending staircases.

As I normally do, I started by creating four 12-inch blocks which I sewed into a 24-inch square. I do this with lots of my quilts.  Some go on to become full-size quilts, but many do not. I custom built a frame for the 24-inch version (below) and then decided to make a full-sized 4′ x 5′ version (above). The full-size quilt received The President’s Award at the 2014 Ohio State Staff Arts and Crafts Show.


Ohio Star: Physics Research Photoquilt

24″ x 24″

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Wheels Photoquilt

48″ x 72″

The Wheels quilts emerged out of my interest in cars in general and hot rods in particular. In order to complete this quilt, I took pictures of different wheels for over three years. Not just any wheels could be used. Only wheels on cars that were cool, at least to me. The first complete quilt incorporated 4″ pictures of individual wheels. By collecting them en masse, their variations become more obvious. Some are chrome, some are painted, some are polished. Some tires are tall, some are low, some have whitewalls, some have black. By lining up scores of wheels (almost 200 different wheels are included) the pattern repeats but differences become more obvious.

The second Wheels quilt (pictured above) incorporates a snowball quilt pattern which injects a square of color where the corners of four wheels meet. This color is taken from the roofs, hoods, and fenders of the hot rods whose wheels are pictured. The largest quilt uses red squares, but several others have also been completed, including blue, green, and orange as seen in the smaller examples below.

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Orange Wheels 12 x 16 Photoquilt

12 Wheels
16″ x 12″

Green Wheels 12 x 12 Photoquilt

9 Wheels
12″ x 12″